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- ? Aug 20th 2014

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- ? Aug 13th 2014

I am at a very confusing point in my life right now about what I want and what I feel but at the same time it’s equally as exciting because in two weeks everything’s going to change and I know it’s going to be great

- ? Aug 9th 2014
Things I am excited for

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- ? Jul 8th 2014

I do not understand this modern dating culture of “playing it cool” and not wanting to initiate a conversation out of fear of looking “desperate”. Surely potential relationships are based on a mutual attraction and LIKING of each other and desire to spend time together and talk to each other? This concept of “desperation” should really just translate to being upfront and a display of strength and decisiveness rather than succumbing to the paranoia that surrounds people’s new inability to just be like “yo, I like your face and I hope you like mine too”. It would be great to be respected and appreciated for cutting the bullshit rather than trying to play the game of who can pretend they care less, because this makes 0 sense to me, thank you.

- ? Jul 7th 2014

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- ? Jul 3rd 2014