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- ? Mar 20th 2014

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- ? Mar 8th 2014

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- ? Mar 6th 2014

I miss actively having romantic feelings for someone and loving and caring and showering someone with affection to show them their worth and how brilliant they really are and investing large portions of my time into making them happy but it’s been a while and I have all this love to give with no one to give it to

- ? Feb 5th 2014

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- ? Jan 28th 2014

of pale limbs
and protruding hip bones

to the touch
not of the cold but
of the foreign
never forgotten

- ? Jan 27th 2014
Things to look forward to:
(Because everything seems kind of empty)

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- ? Jan 6th 2014

Don’t fall in love on Christmas

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- ? Nov 24th 2013

Everyone always asks ‘how do you know when you’ve fallen in love?’ but what about knowing when you’ve fallen out of it?

- ? Jun 26th 2013